How to add Family Members on Facebook Profile

By | August 17, 2011

Even though there is  silent war between Facebook and Google+, both of them still remain the most competitive social networks! We have written a lot of stuffs about Google+, but we can not forget Facebook. Despite this competition, Facebook is still one the most popular and most productive social networks in the world. So here is a short tutorial for Facebook that we called “How to add Family Members on my Facebook Profile”. Someone may find this useful and interesting.

To do this is simple, you will need to follow the steps below!

01. Open your Facebook Account

02. Go to  your profile!


03. After this Click on Edit Profile (in the right corner of your profile)

Edit Profile

04. Click on Friends and Family (see the picture below)

Friends and Family

04. Now type the name of your family member in the Family Field and select your relation with him/here (mother, father,sister, brother etc). In the end  click Save Changes and your family member will appear at your Facebook Profile (see the picture below)

Type Family Members

Note: Anyone that is allowed to see your profile can also see your family members. This also can be changed, you will need to go  at Customize Settings section of your privacy settings!

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