How to add FeedBurner Subscriber Count Widget in Blogger

By | March 14, 2011

Almost all the bloggers publish their blog feed using the feed management service called FeedBurner. This FeedBurner widget is designed to display the current number of subscribers in your blog. So after you have achieved to attract a good amount of subscribers it is really useful to add this widget in your blog because the number of subscribers is also a good element to measure your blog success.

So let’s go to see how can we install this widget in your Blogger blog.

1. Login to your FeedBurner account, then click on your feed and it will get you to the FeedBurner dashboard. Now click at the Publicize tab.

Publicize in FeedBurner

2. Now you are at the Publicize section. Go to the Services menu in the left and click on FeedCount.

Feed Count FeedBurner

3. As you can see in the picture below the FeedCount service is not activated yet. So click on the Activate button.

Activate Feed Counter

4. After the activation now we can set up the FeedBurner Feed Counter. As you can see in the picture below, there are two different styles of the widget, it can be Static or Animated and also you can chose the color of your chicklet which suits better with your blog design. After you have done these changes, copy the HTML code and click Save.

5. Login to your Blogger account and go to Design section.

6. Under the Page Elements Section go to Add a Gadget.

7 . From the given list find and choose HTML/JavaScript.

Your are finished now. Preview your blog to see how FeedCount widget looks.

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