How to change the default iPhone Font

By | April 6, 2011

If somehow you don’t like the iPhone’s default font, and you want to apply another font to your iPhone, there is an easy way to do it. It consists of 3 steps, installing BytaFont from Cydia (in case you don’t know, to have Cydia installed your iPhone needs to be jailbroken), downloading the font and the last but not the least applying the downloaded font.


Installing BytaFont

First of all make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi spot and open Cydia.

Installing Bytafont in Cydia Step 01Installing Bytafont in Cydia Step 02

Every jailbroken iPhone has the modmyI repository so you will not need to add new repos to Cydia. Tap on the search section on the bottom left corner and write Bytefont in the top. After the search tap on Bytefont and than tap on install in the right top corner, after which you will need to tap on Confirm to start downloading BytaFont. Now just wait for the procedure to finish and tap on Return to Cydia.

Installing Bytafont in Cydia Step 03Installing Bytafont in Cydia Step 04

Installing Bytafont in Cydia Step 05Installing Bytafont in Cydia Step 06

Downloading the Font

The second step of this guide is downloading the font you want. So first you would have to choose a font which you would like to apply to your iPhone before downloading.  Open your downloaded BytaFont App. On the Home tab tap on Browse fonts. Now you will have to choose how the fonts are arranged on your screen. You have some categories that you can choose. Choose one. I recommend you choose alphabetically or the most downloaded section.

Downloading fonts for iphone step 01Downloading fonts for iphone step 02

Downloading fonts for iphone step 03Downloading fonts for iphone step 04

Click on the font you like to see the screenshots. You have 6 screenshots which you can change by clicking on the numbers in the top as highlighted in the picture.

Downloading fonts for iphone step 05

After you choose your font, now it’s time to go back to Cydia and download the font. Open Cydia. Go to the Sections tab in the bottom then slide to the Font Section. Find your desired font, tap on the font and continue to tap on install and then confirm. Wait for Cydia to finish the installing process and quit Cydia.

Downloading fonts for iphone step 06Downloading fonts for iphone step 07

Downloading fonts for iphone step 08Downloading fonts for iphone step 09

Applying the Font

And the last step is to apply the desired font. Open BytaFont. Tap on the Basic Tab in the Bottom.

Applying desired font to iphone

Tap on the font you want to install and tap on Yes. Your SpringBoard will respring. Wait for the respring and you will see that your selected font was applied.

Notice: If you don’t like the font you have installed you can always go back to the original (default) iPhone font, but before that you will need to download Original_iOS(xx) font from Cydia in the Fonts section, where xx is the version of your iOS on your iPhone.

25 thoughts on “How to change the default iPhone Font

  1. carla

    what if.. i wanna change my font again.. can i change it? how can i change it after installing a font.?

    1. Don Post author

      Dear Carla,
      every font you will download from bytafont will be present at the bytafont app you got installed, so you can change fonts anytime you like, but if you have read in the end of the article there is a notice: If you dont like the font you have installed you can always change to the basic Apple font by downloading it, which is Original_iOS(xx) font from Cydia in the Fonts section, where xx is the version of your iOS on your iPhone.
      Take care.

    1. Don Post author

      Respringing is when your iphone “desktop” ,like in windows when you close explorer.exe you just see the background, closes and opens again so changes will take effect, no need to reboot device, it will only respring and the changes take effect, because as you know rebooting takes a little while in iDevices.

  2. Maegan

    What if I can’t find the bytafont in Cydia ? My version is 4.3.3 and I kept on reloading it and stuffs but I still can’t find BytaFont when I search it on Cydia.

    1. Don Post author

      Hi Maegan,
      If you can’t find BytaFont then You probably don’t have repo. SO it doesn’t matter what version of iOS you have, it is a thing you need to do from inside Cydia. Follow these steps and you will be fine.
      After you open Cydia go to Manage and then Sources, than tap Edit in the top right and than Add in the top left . Add this Url in the next dialog box: and tap Add Source. And the source should be added. If you already have this source than BytaFont should be there somehwere. Try and search again.
      Hope it helps.

  3. Env5509

    I had and there was errors then it was deleted I’ve tried to type in and it tells me bad URL . How can I fix this so I can have bytafont

    1. Don Post author

      Sup env,
      Well there are 2 ways to get this one done.
      First open Cydia and go to Manage then Sources, Edit, Add and write .
      If that does not work try this one. Search for BigBoss’s Source, and install it. It will install the repo.

  4. Pou

    Hey Don,

    I’m using BytaFont now, but if I have an existing .ttf font on my computer that isn’t on BytaFont (the font name is Knockout if you care the .ttf find it online yourself).

    Is there any way to use Knockout with BytaFont by maybe SSHing the font into the phone’s directory somewhere?


    1. Don Post author

      Hey Pou,
      Yeah there is a way to SSH fonts into the font directory, but first you got to do some procedures.
      The first one is to make the fonts iOS compatible and convert them with a software called FontLab Studio
      You can point to THIS webpage for more info how to do that. Its not too complicated just follow the steps.

      And After that visit THIS link to see where to SSH it and how to name the folder.
      I would recommend a font that has a lot of characters since the Helvetica font that iOS uses has a dosen of them :) Hope you find those links useful.
      P.S. Also you might want to download the iOS4 and iOS5 font pack since Apple changed them. Download here, instead of the iOS 3.0 font pack unless you use a iOS3.
      P.S.S. From the first link go to page 5, on comment #112 you have a small tutorial on how to create .ttc files the fonts for the New iOS4 and 5, since they started using TTC (True Type Collection) instead of TTF(True Type Font).

  5. help

    Bytafont isn’t showing up, and neither are the modmyi websites you provided. what do you mean by Big Boss’s Source?

    1. Don Post author

      In the earlier Versions there was Big Boss’s Source in Cydia but now Saurik changed things up. For adding modmyi repo you need to go to manage -> Rources and add the repo did you try that?

  6. L3xa

    um what will “respring” actually do… people say that once you respring your iphone it deletes everything off of your devices… is that true because i am afraid to respring my phone on any cydia apps…!! please help soon thankz :)

    1. Don Post author

      hello L3xa,
      No respringing is like powering off and starting again, just without the waiting to power on. It just refreshes your phone, actually if you get SBSettings from Cydia you will have a button to respring. And if respringing deletes everything on your device (if that was true), why do you respring when you install something from Cydia, that would be weird :D . Installing something then you need to respring your phone and ohh everything is deleted :( . That is not true :) you can respring your phone without fear.

  7. Braxton

    Thank you for this. Recently I tried changing to font myself and ended up with my iPhone having to be restored. This seemed to work like a charm and really looking forward to the Ubuntu font. It is perhaps my favourite sans-serif cont.

    1. Don Post author

      Hello Nala,
      No your iPhone needs to be jailbroken, and you download it from Cydia.


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