How to color text in Facebook chat

By | January 7, 2012

To make the holidays more interesting, an app recently poped up that made possible the usage of colors in Facebook chat. Facebook has restrictions regarding fonts and their colors, for several overloading reasons, they want it to be as fast as possible, to avoid delays for the sake of efficiency and speed. Colors influence the mood of the humans, and Facebook sometimes gets annoying with its ordinary color. This application will kill the monotony and give you an extra pleasure and excitement on your Fb chat and above all it using this application it will make you look cool with your chat buddy.

Color Chat

In the steps below you will learn how to write in colors on facebook chat, using some code that generates this web site(

Ater opening this website, write the words you want to send colored to someone you are chatting in Facebook, and just click the “Make me Cool” button or hit enter on your keyboard. Below you will see some numbers (the code), copy those numbers and then paste on facebook chat, afterward send those numbers (the code) to the person that you are chating and you will see the color effect.

Copy the Code

Hope you found this useful!

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