How to delete old tweets on Twitter

By | March 19, 2012

After we wrote a tip about  deleting old, forgotten, history content from Facebook we were looking forward to find a similar application for Twitter. Like always in this amazing IT-world you will find a perfect solution for everything, even for this issue – deleting all old content (tweets) from your Twitter profile.

The name of this application is TwitWipe. TwitWipe is an app that allows you to delete all your tweets in one step. You will find the application here!


Why do you need this application?
The basic reason is: users want to start over or maybe someone realized how stupid their tweets were. You may also use it for your “personal security”, maybe your girlfriend/boyfriend has your account information and you don’t want something to share with her/him, and this app will help you a lot to start over again in your twitter account.

If there is any reason that you want to make a new start in Twitter, use TwitWipe . Before you start you must be careful if you really want to delete all the posts, because the process is not reversible.

How to use TwitWipe?

To use this application is very easy. It doesn’t require any special skills. First sign in with your twitter account. After that you will get button called  “TwitWipe this account” and in the end just confirm.

Notice: Because this service is free, do not hesitate to donate as much as you can for this very useful application.

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