How to disable sound notifications in Google Plus Chat

By | August 3, 2011

Google Plus, as the main protagonist in the world of Social Networks, has also incorporated a great chat feature within the Google Plus Accounts. But with the most recent changes, if you want your friends to appear in your chat box you need to invite them. But it will automatically add all the people you have already chosen to chat with in Gmail, Orkut, iGoogle and Google Talk.

If you find annoying the sound notifications while chatting in Google Plus Chat Box then apply the following steps:

1. Login to your Google Plus account and in the right of your Google Plus Home page click on the Sign into chat link.

2. After signing into the Google Plus Chat click on the small arrow button and select Settings.

3. In the chat settings windows just uncheck the check box under Sounds section and click on Save Changes.

That is all related to this quick Google Plus tip. Hope to come with more Google Plus tips and tricks in future. See you around!

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