How to download and install Apps on your iPhone for Free

By | December 16, 2011

Paying for an app especially for the economically poor countries is very difficult. Paying for an app with an average salary of $250 per month is a disaster, and I think that is why people started cracking apps (just a poor joke from a poor country) … Although downloading a cracked app is not good. I mean all that effort that the developer has put on programming it testing it and making it usable it has to be paid off, but since we can’t even spare even a dollar for an app that’s a sad situation so we download cracked ones. So today I will show you what you will need to do to start downloading apps for free on your iPhone.

  1. First of all your iPhone needs to be jailbroken.
  2. You need to install AppSync for your version of iOS (so you can install cracked apps on your iPhone, from Installous and from iTunes too).
  3. You will need to install Installous (same as AppStore just with download links in it).

Let’s start.

Installing AppSync and Installous

To install AppSync you will need to add a source on Cydia. The source is, in where Installous is too. To add a source open Cydia go to Manage then Sources.

01 - Cydia Sources

Tap Edit in the Top right Corner.

02 - Edit Sources

After you tap on edit then the Add button on the top left corner will appear. Tap add and write the hackulo source and tap add again. If a dialog box appears tap on add Anyway.

03 - Add Sources

04 - Enter Source URL

Wait for it to update and than go to search and search for AppSync and Installous.

05 - Search for app

Alternatively, at Manage than Sources tap on and you will see AppSync and Installous there.

06 - Cydia - AppSync

06 - Cydia - Installous

After you install those you are ready to start downloading apps for free on your iPhone(iPod, iPad same procedure).

Downloading Apps

Open Installous

After you open it you will notice you have some options in the bottom: Home, Browse, Search, Downloads and Updates.

07 - Installous

Go to browse and wait until the app caches the categories. And you can browse the various categories for apps and games to download.

08 - Installous browse categories

Another option is searching. For this example I searched for Fruit Ninja a very addictive small game.

09 - Installous search

Go to search and write your desired app, as I did for Fruit Ninja, and tap search. After the results appear tap on your app or Fruit Ninja to start downloading for free.

Just like in App store you have all the app info and screenshots below the info, but to start downloading tap on small download button in the top right.

10 - Installous download app

A lit of links will be shown from which you can download you app(that others have uploaded). Tap on any that you like. I am going to show you how to download from FileDude on this tutorial.

11 - Installous download app filedude

After you tap on filedude link you need to tap on Or just download Normally that is written in white with blue background.

12 - Installous download app filedude download normally

Write the catchpa 4 character code and tap on Green download button on the right.

13 - Installous download catchpa

And then on Download, and your app starts to download.

14 - Installous download final

To see the process how much time and size is left to finish the download. Tap on Downloads. There you will see your whole list of apps that you have downloaded. Tap on the one you want to install.

15 - Installous downloading

Notice: If you want the downloaded apps to be installed automatically go to home that settings on the top right corner and set the install automatically option to ON.

16 - Installous install automatically

Hope you liked and enjoyed it.

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