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By | May 20, 2011
Pixlr is a website that offers services for editing of your photos. The reason why I’m writing for it is that this website not only allows you to edit your photos without a problem but also opens and edits your PSD files. The first contact I had with Pixlr I was amazed. I needed to edit quickly some of my PSD files in my friends computer who had not installed Photoshop in it . I googled for online PSD editor and I landed at Pixlr.com.
Could you imagine a Photoshop application running online?! Yes, that was the impression I got from it. It has similar interface as Photoshop and other photo editing softwares, similar editing tools, menus and the most amazing thing in it is the fact that the Pixlr online image editor supports layers. Pixlr editor offers a fast editing of your images with huge set of tools like: crop tool, lasso, shape drawing tool, color replacer, color picker, red eye reduction tool and literally everything you have seen in Photoshop. After editing your PSD file you can quickly save it in the popular image file formats like png, jpg, bmp and pxd. You can edit your layers and also adjust them with various effects.
But that’s just a part of the services that Pixlr offers. Alongside the photo editor, Pixlr offers the following services:
Pixlr Express - the online tool which allows you to quickly add effects to your pictures with one click.
Pixlr Grabber - extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome which offer print screen tools to capture pictures from your browser.
Pixlr imm.io – image uploading service which allows you to quickly upload your images and share them with your friends.

My last words

For me Pixlr is one of the most valuable services that can be found on the Internet today. I say this because of the fact that every single online service is started with the aim to help someone and Pixlr is for sure among them.

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