Google Chrome extension – text to speech (SpeakIt!)

By | May 29, 2011

SpeakIt is a very cool extension for Google Chrome and other web browsers that allows you to convert text to speech. You just select the text on your browser and click on the extensions button.
Automatically it starts reading it.
This is how you install it:

Step 1.

Go to SpeakIt site, download and install the extension. It should take much time.

Speakit site install

Speakit site installing

Step 2.

After installation is finished a little window will pop up, notifying you that installation is complete and the extension is ready for use.


Step 3.

On the right corner of the address bar you will notice the SpeakIt button. Right click on it and select options. A new tab will open up, showing the options. Change them in what suits you best and click save. Then close the tab. Now you are ready to use.


Configure SpeakIt

Default options

changed options

Step 4.

Go to your preferred page, select the text you want to be read and then click on the SpeakIt button. Listen!

How to use SpeakIt

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