How to hide people in your Google Plus Circles

By | August 1, 2011

The Circles are the miracle of Google Plus, the newest invention in the world of Social Networking. The implementation of Circles in Google Plus has set a new standard in the field of Privacy in the Social Networks. Your friends will never see what are you sharing with your family circle. Your family will never see the photos you are sharing with your friends. And we must admit that this feature in Google Plus really raised it above Facebook. But the privacy miracles do not stop here. Google Plus also allows you to hide every person in a specific Circle and avoid other people to see inside your circles. In order to do that, just follow these steps:

1. Login to your Google Plus account and click on your Profile button.

2. On the left side of your Google Plus Profile, go to your Circles section and click on Change who is visible here link.

3. A small popup window will appear. Just uncheck both options for peoples you have in circle and for those who have you in their circle and click Save. See the picture below.

After applying the settings you have made in your Google Plus circles, from now no one can see who is in your circle or in which circle you are.


One thought on “How to hide people in your Google Plus Circles

  1. B4llsh1t

    You’ve been able to do the same thing in Facebook for years with Friends Lists. Big effing deal, these Google circles. Why doesn’t anyone point this out?


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