How to install apps with .deb files to your iPhone (i-FunBox)

By | March 17, 2011

Ever wondered what those files with .deb extension are? Have you ever seen them or maybe downloaded them and did not know how to install the .deb files into your iPhone? There is a very easy method for that, will get back to it in a bit, but first I want to explain the files with .deb extension. .deb files for an iPhone actually are like an installer … just like in Windows. They are like Setup.exe that you double click and than the installer starts and the software is installed, of course following some steps. But these .deb files with this method I will explain will be silently installed to your iPhone. We will use an application that is called i-FunBox (if you haven’t clicked on the link, do it now to download i-FunBox, you will be redirected to the official site and you will find a download button in the right bottom part of the webpage), maybe some of you know and some don’t, but this application is very useful. You have access to folders on your iPhone such as: Wallpapers,  Installous downloaded .ipa files, Camera, Ringtones installed in your iPhone, Voice Memos and also Raw File System if you are a hardcore player. The easiest way to install downloaded apps from internet to your iPhone from your Computer is this i-FunBox application.

Notice: Your iPhone needs to be Jailbroken.


To install your downloaded apps into your iPhone first check that your files end in .deb so this assures that these files are the ones I was talking about earlier (iPhone Setup Files). If you are done with that, than the trick is pretty simple.

Next open i-FunBox. We will use a feature called Cydia App Install as shown in the picture below.

Cydia App Install i-FunBox

After you click on Cydia App Install just click and drag the .deb file(s) [applications] you want to install in your iPhone in the part as shown in the next picture and wait for it to transfer to your iPhone. And you are done.

Click and Drag on i-FunBox

And the Last thing you will need to do is reboot your iPhone 2 times. The reason you reboot your iPhone 2 times is:

  1. After the first reboot your iPhone installes the app
  2. After the second reboot your app installed will be usable, so don’t leave it to chance with not doing the second reboot, because you will need to do the whole procedure again.

I hope this app helps you in many other ways not in just installing apps to your iPhone.

16 thoughts on “How to install apps with .deb files to your iPhone (i-FunBox)

    1. Don Post author

      Hey rigs.
      Shut down your iPhone than start it again … You shut it down by pressing and holding the Power Button on the Top than Slide for shut down.. and than Press and hold for Powering it up again … There is no Reboot button on iPhone.
      Hope it helps.

  1. SG

    Is rebooting suppose to take a bit longer since it’s installing? My first reboot is taking forever…

    1. nunuu

      Chances are, you have a tethered jailbreak. You’ll need to redo the jailbreak again but select “Just boot tethered” and follow the instructions from there.

    1. Don Post author

      Hey tushar,
      Yes you can use d same trick for .ipa files, but instead put the ipa files on General Storage, and then click on the file you want to install and you will see a InstallApp [AppFastIn] in the toolbar under the menus. Click it and it will install the app.
      Have fun.

  2. Jacob

    Erm, i downloaded FWChanger and I rebooted twice and every time I load it up. It shuts off after 20 seconds of use. Help?

    1. Don Post author

      Hello Jacob,
      FWChanger is not compatible with iOS4, that should be the reason it crashes, you should uninstall it. If its not compatible with iOS4, automatically its not compatible with iOS5 either.

  3. rohin

    unable to dirctly install ipa files frm ifunbox InstallApp [AppFastIn]….. in my iphone 3g….its jailbroken, also i installed appsync
    but no solution……

    1. Don Post author

      Hi Rohin, have you tried another .ipa, maybe the .ipa is broken. It should work perfectly.

  4. denver

    How can I copy games and apps that was installed with installious to my computer and copy them to another iphone 4,the one I want to copy from is jailbroken on 4.3.2 and the one I want to copy to is 5.0.1,any advice please and thanks

    1. Don Post author

      It is pretty easy denver. Open iFunBox and you have Installous App Install on the left. Click it and you get all the .ipa files you downloaded. Copy them to your computer. After that you can either copy back those files on the same folder on the other iPhone or you can install them with iTunes. You will need to have AppSync to install them :) Hope I helped.


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