How to Move Facebook Photos from one Photo Album to Another

By | December 8, 2011

Facebook offers you a very simple method to transfer your photos from one album to another album. With this option you will be able to organize the albums by your will, so if you have done any mistake during the upload of photos now you can correct the mistakes. Organizing the albums is a piece of cake. Just follow the steps below!

There are two Methods how to edit your albums

The Homepage Method

 On the left side of your Facebok homepage go to “Photos”. If  this option is not there than click at “More”,  find “Photos” and click at “My Uploads”.

Edit Album

After you have done this, your albums will appear on your account. Below the albums just click “Edit Album”.

Edit Album II

The Profile Page Method

If you prefer this method, go to your Profile Page, below your Profile Picture click at “Photos”. Certainly your albums will appear on your profile. Choose one album!

01. Click at “Edit Album” (look the picture below).

02. A new window will appear again, Click atEdit Photos

Edit Photos

Than choose the photos that you want to transwer. The best thing about this option is that each of your photos can  be set to any album that you want. To do this click at “Move to”!

Move To

In the end click at “Save Changes”!

2 thoughts on “How to Move Facebook Photos from one Photo Album to Another

  1. ali


    my browser ( chrome or FireFox ) hang in editor photo page !

    any solutions ?

    1. Don

      hello Ali,
      Close, reopen Chrome or Firefox and try again, or if you have any 3rd party addons disable them and try once more.
      Hope it works.


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