How to remove the ” Licensing Alert” window on Avast 4.8 Professional

By | June 16, 2011

The new Avast! 6 is available, promising the best antivirus protection and internet security. But for people still using a little bit slow PCs, the 5th and the 6th version of Avast! is not an option, because it makes the computer to run extremely slow and almost impossible to work with it. So, naturally, these guys\gals choose to stay with the perfectly stable and good enough version of Avast! – The 4.8. Even though it works great and gives a solid protection and security, that annoying window always pops up, remind you to upgrade to the new version. You don’t want the upgrade and also you don’t want the Licensing Alert to show up every other minute to tell you to get something you have no use. So this is how you remove\disable\vanish\send to hell the “Licensing Alert” window:

>>>>>>>NEW SOLUTION HERE<<<<<<<


Step 1.

Go to Program settings of Avast! 4.8, under the “Troubleshooting’ find “Disable avast! self-defense module” and hit OK. This enables you to delete certain files of Avast!

Avast Upgrade Window Remove


Avast Program Settings


Disable self defense


Step 2.

Go to C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4 and there you will find a file named “asw5Not2″, the one causes you headaches. Delete it and no more Licensing Alert window will pop up.
Remember: You have to enable the “Avast! Self – Defense Module”, that way you protect your avast being deleted and your PC flooded with viruses. Just reverse the steps


Program files Alwil Avast asw5Not2 delete


asw5Not2 File - Delete it


77 thoughts on “How to remove the ” Licensing Alert” window on Avast 4.8 Professional

  1. Samrat Saha

    gr8…**IT WORKS**
    Thanks……a lot i have also tried to delete the file previously but its suggested that “YOU NEED ADMINISTRATOR’S PERMISSION ”
    but your way worked….

    1. Freon Post author

      I’m glad it did the job!
      Thanks for visiting!
      If you need something else, anything, just ask us for help ASK US page and we will do our best to find a solution to your problem!


      1. Don

        I got rid of this problem successfully before. Now it is back. Followed all the steps but there is no “asw5not2.exe” I can find anywhere. Sure there is something I am missing. RunningAvast 4.8

        1. Freon Post author

          No, it’s not that you are doing something wrong! Your are probably doing everything right!
          But…actually the problem is that this method is no longer effective!
          Avast has detected the crack in the system…so they have found another way to inform (annoy) you with this!
          They have done this probably through Avast updating!
          I’m still searching to find a new solution…if there is one…cuz I too am using Avast 4.8 and I am satisfied with it!
          So, the moment I find the solution, be sure that I will share it, immediately
          Come back soon! Thanks!

  2. Roger Dodger

    Four new files have surfaced in the avast directory to cause the same pop-up: asw6Noti.exe, asw6Ldr.dll, uiAux2.dll, and uiAux2.dll.sum. Previous fix was applied. Now what? Can these files be simply deleted?

  3. Shan

    Hmm, I’m having the same problem here. Tried deleting the asw6Noti.exe file, but it came back. Gonna try deleting the others as well to see if it works.

  4. SamaR

    Hi,i left my home 15.07 and back 26.07 when i turned on my computer i got this stupid license alert,before i didn’t see it :( This window shows up from one day or there is something wrong with my avast? in this time my dad was on internet one day i think it was 20.07 and he didn’t see this window,so why this window is showing now?

  5. SamaR

    if i try to manually update avast virus base i dont see this pop-up.i thinked that it shows when avast.setup is running and new virus base is downloading

  6. SamaR

    Hello.I think this alert is using asw6Noti.exe because when it showed i checked the process and it used asw6Noti.exe.Its safety to delete this file?

  7. Shan

    @SamaR, it will return if u delete it.

    I renamed all this files : asw6Noti.exe, asw6Ldr.dll, uiAux2.dll, and uiAux2.dll.sum. It stopped that thing from popping up BUT after restarting, i have problems with Avast plugins for Ms Office Outlook and i couldn’t launch Avast program to check the settings or to disable the Self-defense module to restore the files.

    Had to boot into Safe-mode to do it. Back to square one i guess.

    1. Shan

      The problems with the plugins or Avast was this uiAux2.dll file.

  8. SamaR

    But you too got this problem? I was worried it was just for me,and that the fault of my avast. i didn’t seen it 15.07 and before just when i back 26 i have seen this.if you also have this problem since 15.07 i am calm.

  9. Rene

    Hi at all.

    I have renamed the following files:


    and it works. I con make updates, all Plugin´s work fine and the Licensing Alert window did never come back.

    I hope I could help you!

    (Sorry for my bad english, I am from Austria and I know my english is not the best)

  10. SamaR

    hmm..interesting,thank you,i will try it when somoeone confirm this works :D

  11. Steve

    Try to open task manager when u get the pop-up(do not close pop-up). under processes tab u can find this stupid file asw6Noti.exe.
    move the task manager aside so u can see the pop-up window & task manager,
    now try to close the pop-up see what happens…under processes tab you will find the asw6Noti.exe closes…. So I tried moving the file to a different location in my HDD & I got rid of that annoying popup.

    Smile if this works !!

  12. SamaR

    I noted that too,i asked about this process but…when you restart it dont comes back? Shan about my question “it will return if u delete it.” so i dont know 100% do this works.

  13. ETSI

    You have to add this to the registry:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\asw6noti.exe]
    “Debugger”=”\”C:\\Programs Files\\Alwil Software\\Avast4\\aswRegSvr.exe\”"

    This is a solution for the avast 4.8

  14. Shan

    I tried doesn’t seem to work for me. Maybe i did something wrong while adding it .

  15. off-twitch

    Try deleting the asw6ldrdll file, as I think this dll file allows another download of the Noti6exe file upon definition update.

    What I did was follow the first few steps on here, disable the self defense module and close out of avast gui.

    Now in task manager, I terminated a process called ashserv.exe which is the main executable for Avast then opened the Alwil software – Avast folder in Program Files. I deleted the aswNoti6.exe and asw6Ldr.dll file and also saw a version 5 noti.exe and dll file there and deleted that.

    (You might have to check a special permissions box under Properties for those files if they don’t delete right away.)

    Then I opened avast gui, turned on defense module and so far after 24 hrs., no pop-up.

    Good luck!

  16. Shan

    That Registry hack posted by ETSI seem to work now. Gonna see how it goes in the next few days. :)

  17. это все неработает

    это все не работает , помагите задолбало рекламма

  18. Alfie

    Hello everybody,
    I tried suppressing asw6noti.exe, asw6Ldr.dll, asw5Ldr.dll and asw5Noti.exe, and I had to use safe mode to do it (even with avast! self-defense off) but it worked. HOWEVER, as soon as I connect on the internet, it just downloads it again, and the pop-up reappears immediately. I can’t get rid of !!
    Is there another avast! file that should be removed to stop downloading that **** asw6Noti.exe and asw6Ldr.dll ?

  19. off-twitch

    I hear ya Alfie, ok, those damn files came back after an update so I guess that cancels my previous post sorry.

    Now it’s just a matter of finding either that one dll or exe file that’s the root cause or that ***** updater is intuitive in that it may recognize when Noti.exe file and Ldrdll file are missing and obviously brings them back through the update. I don’t want to mess with the registry so ETSI’s method I will try as last resort.

    I’ll see if there’s a more efficient way to delete, try it and report back.

  20. off-twitch

    Ok, re-reading these posts I see Shan mentioning from Jul 28 that uiAux2.dll file and trouble with Avast plug-ins.

    After going through the shut down motions and deleting those pesky Noti6 and dll files again, I noticed my uiAux2 file had a recent update of Aug.2 so I couldn’t delete it at first because a dialog box came up saying it was running in another program (even after shutting every process down associated with Avast) and I needed permission which I already have as administrator.

    Not to be stopped, I already had a program called Unlocker Assistant so I made a copy of the file, terminated the process and deleted the file but what happens of course is that Avast won’t start and says I needed the file to make Avast work so I just put the copy file back and everythings ok.

    So my feeling is that uiAux2.dll file may be the culprit and perhaps there’s nothing that can be done except use ETSI’s registry method for now and see how it goes. Perhaps Shan can give us an update later to see if its ok.

    Thanks everyone!

    1. Shan

      The registry hack is still the best method, that avast license didn’t pop anymore.

      I’m not a really an expert when it come to registry hacking but i can post a pic on how mine looks like or even upload the reg file for the hack so you can just double click to add it, if anyone wants it.

      Or maybe ETSI can help as well. :)

      1. off-twitch

        Thanks for reply Shan, this pop-up has returned for revenge, its really annoying and for too many reasons to go into here, I just don’t want to upgrade to version 6 yet until the last day when Avast says support and updates is officially done for 4.8 so….

        the best we can all do is tolerate it for now and maybe that registry fix is the way to go which if it works will hopefully keep it hidden for long while.

        For now, its a dead end for me so I’ll just list what I have tried and perhaps someone may have an idea on what may work before the registry fix.

        Renamed /deleted the following files:

        asw6Noti.exe, asw6Ldr.dll, uiAux2.dll. (uiAux2.dll is critical file, dont touch!)

        Deleted these files, never came back (the first 2 wouldnt anyway):

        asw5Noti.exe, asw5Ldr.dll, uiAux2.dll.sum, uiAux2.dll.0, uiAux2.dll.1 (dont know how important the last 3 are but everythings ok.)

        Meantime, I’ll keep checking some other forums and try the registry hack sometime this week. Thanks again!

  21. Alfie

    Ok, guys, thanks for the answers, I tried something that seems to work for the moment : I re-deleted asw6Noti.exe, but instead of deleting asw6Ldr.dll, I just renamed it without moving it. For the moment, it hasn’t reappeared in my avast! file, and I updated avast a few times to see if it would notice that, but no pop-up since yesterday.
    Hope it will last :)
    If it reappears, I’ll try to deal with my uiAux files (that I left alone until now) or to hack the registry, but I’m not able to do it myself so I’d be glad if Shan or ETSI could post their suggestions.
    Thank you all for advice, I hope I finnaly got rid of that ****** pop-up !
    Oh, and forgive my mistakes, english is not my mother tongue…

  22. off-twitch

    Shan, thanks for posting and your screenshots. I have just added the fix to my registry but not yet rebooted. I only have a laptop so if you guys don’t hear from me soon, you’ll know I have botched it and my OS.

    (I’m still using Vista Home Premium-looking, sounding and acting like XP -perhaps not popular but it works for me. Changes are on the way.)

    I just want to summarize what I have found out after some reading and experiments:

    1)Various Avast forums mention simply to upgrade to 5 and 6 which I don’t want to do right now, I will wait for 4.8 to end and examine my options.

    2)Alfie, your method doesn’t work for me, the files and pop-up came back in less than one minute through the blue box update. Thanks though.

    3)I have moved, deleted or changed command lines in the DATA folder, deleted files like configuration settings file, data base file-very important files.

    Of course the deleted files all returned after I turned on gui and defense module again. Had to reset my personal settings but I noted that after a root-kit scan took place from reading the logs that the notification files and pop-up returned in exactly 10 minutes.

    There was no update blue box upon the return of these files which I always leave on so that means there is an intuitive file possibly the uiAux2.dll one which restores those files when it detects those that are missing or renamed. Avast would not start when I renamed/deleted uiAux2.dll so this could be the critical file based on previous posts.

    4)Whichever file it is it probably cannot be deleted unless someone has knowledge in reverse engineering and can change the coding in the dll. The dll files are like mini drivers for programs which work in conjunction with other dlls or exe. files so unless someone has the knowledge and time to find the correct dll, somehow open it and modify the right code, the notification files will certainly not be deleted. Avast has every right to do it, probably in their license agreement somewhere so it’s a moot point.

    Which leads to ETSI’s registry fix that I have installed, now ready to reboot.
    Thanks so much guys, I’ve learned a lot from all this and we’ll see how it goes!

    1. off-twitch

      Whew! Reboot ok, everything’s fine so far. I will give it a few days then report back. Thanks again!

      1. Alfie

        Ok, I’m really sorry for you that my method did not work with you (I am on vista too). For information, after three days, no reappearence of the pop-up for me, my re-named dll is still there but seems inactive.
        Seems I won at last :)
        Thank you all for advice and replies, I hope my own method will be useful for someone else, at least in order to understand better the way that pop-up appears and re-appears, as it seems that many people are currently struggling with it.
        Thanks a lot, I couldn’t have got rid of it without all your comments, and good luck !

  23. Lowrida

    This works for me!

    - disable self-protect in avast
    - goto avast4 dir and open asw6Noti.exe in notepad
    - delete all shit in it and save
    - make file read-only
    - enable self-protect

    Did it tis morning and now after about 12 hours, 3 updates and a reboot it still did not show any pop-up!! :)

    1. Alfie

      Bad news for me, this morning the pop-up came back, so what I had done previously worked during five days only(its not so bad after all, if I have to turn it off once a week, its still better than every other minute :) )
      Thanks for this new and intelligent solution, lets try :)
      I did it, I will tell in a few days if it works.

    2. Eric

      Thanks for posting this… I am going to use your way and just have deleted all that shits.. Hope it works really for me…

    3. NOONE

      Lowrida: The registry hack did’t work for me. But your method did the trick!!!! No more pop ups, quite a few reboots and updates included. Evidence: now you click on asw6Noti.exe and it does nothing (before that you can display the pop up manually clicking on it).

      Thank you.

  24. off-twitch

    Good news for me! After 3 days, 3 reboots and no sign of pop-up, I am going to call this a victory! The registry hack works and there are no problems or conflicts. :)

    Many thanks to ETSI and Shan who provided the answers when I had just about given up.

    To Alfie, no worries, thanks for info and hope pop-up goes away for you.

    Lowrida, I like your method-looks promising, for kicks I opened Noti6 file up in Notepad and yeah it’s full of code crap, did not bother with it because of the registry hack but hopefully it will delete pop-up and Noti files permanently.

    My advice to people who are having trouble with the pop-up is to try Lowridas method first and if it does not work, try ETSIs registry hack
    (I echo Shan’s statement-back up your registry before you add the hack).

    Our other comments should also be of help. There may be still another solution that someone comes up with so don’t give up until you have tried them.

    Finally, after reading through a lot of other forums or comment sections about this matter, I have to say this comment board on is probably the most informative and decent I have come across. The others generally say very little and provide comments like “upgrade to 5 or 6″, “it can’t be done”, “don’t bother-a waste of time” or insulting people.

    Well, we have just proven there are solutions that can work, brought about and tried by people who put their minds to thinking, taking risks and willing to help.

    I know my posts may be too detailed at times but I aim to be descriptive as possible so maybe people can learn from them or tell me what I am doing right or wrong. Will definitely be checking this site first for any future problems with this or other programs.

    Thanks again to everyone!

        1. Freon Post author

          Hey anil…don’t bother with this method, it doesn’t work anymore. Avast have gotten to it. But there is a working method that is more simple and easy and it works perfectly. Click HERE!

  25. Mario

    I tried Lowrida’s advise, but when I disable the self defence mode and try to save the empty notepad file, it says: “Access is denied”.

    I am sure that I stopped the self defence mode, but I do not have an access.

    Can you please help me out ?

    I am looking forward to hear from you.

    Thank you

  26. Lowrida


    Do you have admin rights on your windows?
    I had to take ownership of my C drive before i could edit files in this directory.

    - rightclick C:\ an choose properties
    - choose Security tab
    - click the button advanced
    - choose Owner tab
    - click button Edit
    - now click on your (login)name, enable subcontainer checkbox and click OK

    This may take a wile, because all the directories on your C: drive will now be scannen and changed to your ownership!
    If done, then you must be able to change the files you want!

    (hope i translated it correct, because i got Dutch language ;) )

    btw: i got windows7

  27. Alfie

    Lowrida, your method works for me, after 2 reboots and six days, the result is very positive : no more pop-ups !!
    Thank you very much :)
    For the problem of admin rights, you can also give these rights to the noti.exe file only, that is what I did (and it does not take as much time as doing it with the C:\).
    Right click on the asw6noti.exe, choose properties, and then it is the same (I cannot say if you translated right, Lowrida, i have it French language, but I understand which buttons you click, so I guess one can understand it :) )

  28. Lowrida

    Aah oui oui, i guess only the file is enough. But i like having control over my
    windows… and not windows taking control over me! ;)
    Glad it worked for you! I had no pup-ups from avast for ten days now,
    so i think its ok to say my method worked..
    Just sabotage the file that causes the pop-up and let avast think all is ok! :p

    1. Shan

      lol, only God knows wht will happen if Windows takes control over you :P

    2. Shan

      lol, nah we don’t want that happening, only God knows wht will happen if Windows takes control over you :P

      1. Shan

        duh no idea what happened there, pls ignore the rest except this one.

  29. aoki

    Wow Lowrida’s suggestion is pretty simple. I’ll try it on my PC…

  30. aoki

    Ok Its been 2 days already and I have rebooted my pc several times…

    Lowrida’s suggestion works 100%

  31. Victor66

    Hi to all
    I’ll start today using your method, If Avast wants to upgrade my old version to the new Avast 6, they have to paid me for a new license , hahaha… i will be back

  32. Juan

    Hello I,m trying to open the file asw6noti on notebook but when i click on it it doesn’t give me the option to open on notebook… Can anybody please tell me how to do this? thanks

    1. cdeford

      Open notepad first in the Windows directory, then click file->open, go to the Avast 4 directory, change the “files of type” setting to “all files” then double-click the asw6Noti.exe file.

  33. Victor66

    Yes, it works Great no more pop ups from updates !

    I was using avast 6 for a while and keeps my computer realy slowly for (x) time, detecting nothing, eating all recources from my pc and almost frozen it.

    when i changed again for avast 4.8 my pc ran faster and was able to found two trojan just instaled it

    “We should use this version to keep Avast sending more updates ”

    Thanks, Sir Lowrida and the Administrador for keep site like this

    Regard .

  34. DJ Coolshaker

    After a bit working i found the solution, and its quit simple. Take the execution permission away.

    Here the solution i have :

    Right click the avast icon in the taskbar and click Settings program … Then click on Troubleshooting and tick Disable self defense of avast.

    Creation of regulated access IR:
    Go or Control Panel>> Tools of administration>> Local Security Policy
    Right click sure “Software Restriction Policies”>> new security strategy
    Right click “Supplemental Rules”>> setting new hash
    copy / paste link C: \ Program Files \ Alwil Software \ Avast4 \ asw6Noti.exe
    Security Level: Disallowed

    Start>> Run

    write: cmd
    Press Enter

    a window opens, now write

    cacls “Press Enter”
    cd C: \ Program Files \ Alwil Software \ Avast4 “press Enter”
    cacls asw6Noti.exe “press Enter”
    now u see a list off users and ther acces rigths
    tipe now follow:

    cacls asw6Noti.exe /T /E /P “Name/Name”:N “press Enter”
    Do this steps with every user listed.

    (do this step with ur Admin account at last)

    to controll if settings have taken over:
    cacls asw6Noti.exe “press Enter”

    You should now see a list with an “N” at the end.

    something like that:
    BUILTIN/Administrators: N
    BUILTIN/Power Users: N
    NT AUTHORITY/System: N
    BUILTIN/Users: N

    The “N” means no access rights. Avast 4.8 can no longer execute this file.

    Close window CMD.

    Reactivate the module of avast self-defense and reboot.

  35. DJ Coolshaker

    By the way, this works on other unwanted files to. but be sure u want it disable, couse u take every execution rigths away.

  36. Shan

    Does the method provided by Lowrida still works? I read in another post that some are experiencing a new pop-up problem after Avast updated their antivirus. I haven’t experienced those yet as I’m using the registry hack method.

  37. Legoman

    Can someone please write a more comprehensive instruction on how to apply the ETSI registry hack for those not intimately familiar with editing the registry directly? I’m trying to fix an XP Home SP3 computer here and XP Home doesn’t have Local Security Policy on it for doing the DJ Coolshaker solution (which works well for XP Pro)

    I have tried to add the key as per ETSI post to the very best of my ability & limited knowledge of the registry structure, but it hasn’t worked and the pop-up is still happening post re-boot.

  38. Shan

    @Legoman, well i can try but I’m no expert as well. Go straight to #10 to skip all this step and download my registry hack.

    1)open your Registry,
    2)Double-click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
    3)From the drop-down list, Locate “SOFTWARE” then open it.
    4) ” …Locate “Microsoft” and open it.
    5) “….Locate “Windows NT” and open it,
    6)”….Locate “Windows NT” and open it, then D/click on “CurrentVersion”

    7)”….Locate “Image File Execution Options” and open it. This is where you want to be. From the drop down list, Right-click anywhere/ around the folders and Add a “NEW KEY” and name it ” asw6noti.exe “.

    8)After you have created the key, click on it. On the right pane , you will see a key named “Default” ignore that n right-click to add a New->String.

    9) Name it “Debugger” and add this “C:\Programs Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswRegSvr.exe\” in the Data section.(right-click then select Modify)

    10..or download this registry file for the hack.

    Just double click then click yes to add it to your registry. I suggest you back-up your registry 1st, just in case. You can right-click on the file and click edit to view the content.

    and here is the screenshot of my registry:

    I’m using win XP pro 32bit.

    hope this works for you, good luck.

    P/s: my previous registry file in one of the post above didn’t work correctly so i re-uploaded a new one. :)


  39. Legoman

    Thanks Shan. Works great! This does seems to be the cleanest, most efficient and best work around to stop Avast calling the Noti file and running it. As I understand things, this registry key is simply another ‘redirect’ for the purposes of debugging programs, so Avast employs a redirect to implement the nagscreen and this registry hack just redirects the redirect back to the RegSvr file that needs to be run for updating in the first place. Neat solution redirecting the redirect. I like it.

    1. Shan

      Hey, yeah it is. That is why I did not try Lowrida’s method co’z I like this one better. I’m just curious which step did you take to apply the hack, step by step or did you download the registry hack?

      Anyway I’m glad it worked for you :)

  40. Mark

    Thanks to ETSI for a seamless fix on the avast “nagification” screen. The registry addition was a brilliant redirect. Thanks to Shan for prompt information with each attempt, and especially the new link that inserted the registry key automatically. Finally, no more avast pop-up annoyances after a year of aggravation. Thanks to all!

  41. Legoman

    I’ve had to fix two computers. On my XP Pro SP3 I’ve applied both fixes. The Local Security Policy disablement step by step fix and the registry key hack. I was running with just the Local Security Policy fix alone for a couple of days and can report that it works just fine on its own. The registry fix also works on its own as well. Both are equally valid solutions.

    The other computer I’m fixing has XP Home SP3 installed and that Home version of XP doesn’t provide access to the Local Security Policy settings easily, for that one is using only the registry key hack alone and again it works just fine.

  42. Racktim Banerjee.


  43. Ric

    I cannot remove the god damn alert “asw5Not2″ it always appear that I cannot operate it..what is happening?


  44. ComPityu

    I make a simple solution. i disabled the avast servers ,in a firewall. :D
    No moore popup,

    The best way , refresh avast. Or change orher software hmmm avira. :D

  45. Isaac J. Stevenson

    I want to register (upgrade) my avast antivirus; but how do I pay? I live in Liberia West Africa and we do not deal with credit card. So this is my worry. Please advise.


    1. Freon Post author

      Go to, on the support section you can write and submit a ticket, and they probably will reply and help you with your problem. My guess, if you don’t have any credit card, maybe it is possible with PayPal??? Either way, consult with the support team of Avast, I’m sure they will provide a solution!
      Best regards!

  46. Steeve

    The simplíes way to block, the idiot popup. Install software, called “process blocker” be for the install ,disable the avast self defense mode. After insall process blocker, setup to block asw6noti.exe. No problem, when avast, giving other name , for this idiot popup. You need only to change the file name in the blocker,and THATS ALL ! :D


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