How to block (filter) phone calls on your iPhone with iBlacklist

By | December 11, 2011

I am an iPhone enthusiast, and I love that I have an iPhone. I have been using a SPV, windows phone in the early days, and I said I wouldn’t change my phone until I got an iPhone, and I did. The earlier phone I was using had an app called call firewall if I’m not mistaken, and it was for filtering phone calls, or redirecting calls for specific numbers and blocking calls. Now that I am using an iPhone I wanted the same app in my iPhone too and started to research for such an app.

Sometimes someone very annoying texts you or even calls you all the time, no matter how many time you have talked with him/her about not calling you back or not texting her, its like “Annoyingness” level: Impossible. Usually that is more a problem with the ex boyfriend/girlfriend. Well if you have an iPhone and you don’t know how to block calls there is a perfect app called iBlacklist. It’s easy to set up and easy to use  once you know what are you doing. iBlacklist that allows you to block calls on your iPhone has a lot of features and options that you can examine and test.


iBlacklist has 2 kinds of lists that you can create, Blacklists and Whitelists. You can configure them to your needs. Usually a Blacklist is the list of people you don’t want to be disturbed from “ever again”, and the whitelist is the list you don’t want to be disturbed by someone in particular or a group of contacts for a particular part of the day. After that you have the option for activating either a blacklist or a whitelist for a set of hours from a day, for e.g. You need to sleep at 1AM and need to wake up at 8AM, you set up the schedule in iBlacklist so the both whitelists and blacklists get activated for that time so no one not important can bother you. Just a raw example of how that might work for you, or you are in a meeting and you expect a call from another company’s CEO, or Marketing Manager which call is very important, you put schedule the list for that time so no one bothers you except them. Another raw example how you might use the schedule feature on iBlacklist.

Another cool feature is that you can name your contacts from the whitelist and blacklist in iBlacklist as you want, and it won’t change the contact itself but it will appear as how you wrote it only in iBlacklist when you check for history who called you  or messaged you. Also a good feature that iBlacklist has is the one to set up action for Restricted ID users, so when a Restricted ID calls you can set up so the call goes immediately to Voice mail, or shows you as busy or accepts the call that instant (don’t know what would you do that). Anyway a lot of features in iBlacklist, from which there are 2 that I like most. 1 is password protect your iBlacklist app and the other is called Camo or camouflage. The reason I like them is this:

Password Protect your iBlacklist:

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You can set 2 passwords for your iBlacklist app. The first is the real password that when entered will open iBlacklist, and the second one is the fake password that will open an app you choose from the ones you have installed in your iPhone. You will see in the Video below I have set up iBlacklist, so when the fake password is entered it opens the Calculator, and normally the real one opens iBlacklist.


You can change iBlacklist name to whatever you want. You can delete iBlacklist and write anything and it will be the iBlacklist name in the springboard, and also you have a set of icons for your iBlacklist so you can change the default icon to something else, which are like around 10-15 icons installed in iBlacklist app.


Another good thing about this app is the Database management. You can always back up the database, and restore it afterwards, and even you can reset your database to a fresh state, like you never used it before. If you need to start from scratch to set up your lists in iBlacklist you can always reset your database.

To see how to do these I have done and edited a video that’s around 8 minutes and shows you how to block (filter) iPhone calls with iBlacklist. Hope you like it.

5 thoughts on “How to block (filter) phone calls on your iPhone with iBlacklist

    1. Don Post author

      Hi John,
      In order to get iBlacklist your iPhone should be Jailbroken first and you can find it in Cydia.

  1. john

    LOL i don’t have a clue what jailbroken is. I had a similar app on my droid and have been looking for one for iPhone 4s that only lets certain calls thru at night and plays my choice of music for a period of time while i fall asleep

    1. Don Post author

      Well John,
      Jailbreaking your iPhone gives you a lot of control over your phone and there are a lot of custom softwares that you can change the look of your iphone like installing themes, some effect while scrolling pages change the font of the entire phone and a lot lot more features, I will post an article on how you can jailbreak your iPhone very soon. So check back.


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