How to Recover Shift Delete Files

By | March 15, 2011

A lot of readers Ask Us how to recover their shift deleted files. So in this post we decided to show you a very simple way how to do this. It’s quite simple and you don’t need a lot of computer skills. Before I start with this tutorial  I must mention that – in the future do not  use CUT or Shift+Delete options. It’s better to transfer your files with COPY PAST.

It is important to follow all the steps that I’m going to show you below. This is the site that allows you to recover your files (Pandora Recovery). You can recover your deleted files fast, easy and it’s free.

01. To download the software program browse this link  and click at DOWNLOAD


02. Click Save (to download Pandora Recovery File). This process is really fast, it takes less than a minute.

03. Run the installer on the computer you wish to use to recover the deleted data with. After Downloading simply click RUN.


Continue with installation! (choose the language and click OK)


Proceed with the installation (by clicking NEXT)

04. When the  installation is complete run the software.


05. In the left part of the software, choose from wich disk you need to recover your files (Search Deleted Files)

Search Deleted Files

It tooks a few seconds to find all deleted files.

06. Than in the right side of the software will appear all your deleted files from the disk that you have choose. Click  any file  to recover.

Recover File

06. To recover the file click at RECOVER.

Click Recover

07. Than choose the place where the files should recover and click Recover Now.

Click Recover Now

After you have done this, all of your files (that you have choose) will be recover in your computer.

P.S. This was the easiest way to recover Shift Delete Files, but not the only.There are several other programs that can help you to return your Deleted Files back again. For this issue we are going to write again in the future, sharing with you different software programs and tips.  Just stay in touch with Dip In IT. If you have any question about this post feel free to ask by leaving a comment.

4 thoughts on “How to Recover Shift Delete Files

  1. Deleter

    Panda find the file with a “0 Byte” size. before deleting it has 5 GB. :(

    1. Chakie Post author

      Deleter thanks for you comment, this program was working perfectly before. Now I must check again and I will answer you as soon as possible. Once again thank you for visiting us!


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