5 Most Useful Chrome Extensions

By | October 19, 2011

Google Chrome is very popular lately. According to some statistics 30.5% of internet users are using Google Chrome. The popularity of this web-browser is growing rapidly. As a result of this a lot of people are working to create extensions for Chrome. The main purpose of these extensions are to facilitate our work with Chrome browser. So as Dip In It decided to write about 5 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

We will start this list with Chrome Remote Desktop. This extension allows you to have an access on another computer through the Chrome browser. It’s a cool extension, very useful especially for those people that use two computers. You won’t need USB-s anymore, just get this extension and you’ll have access to the files important for you. To use this extension both of computers must have Chrome browser, no mater if your OS is Mac, Windows or Linux. To add Chrome Remote Desktop open this link and click at Add Extension. After you add this extension just click at “Share This Computer”. On the other computer click at “Access a Shared Computer” and sharing files from other computers will start. Also notice that sharing session is fully secured.

Ultimate Youtube Downloader

Ultimate Youtube Downloader

YouTube remains the most resourceful videos provider. As you know YouTube is one the biggest project in this Internet World, therefore it was very necessary to create Chrome extension related with YouTube. We can’t find a lot of videos in YouTube and currently downloading them is not a problem anymore. With Ultimate YouTube Downloader you can download any video very easy without complication. Certainly it wont require any specific computer skills. Most important thing is that you wont need to visit different web-pages that gives you this possibility  because with this extension you will be able to download directly from YouTube.

Google Related

Google Related

Google Related Extension will provide instant informations from the best sites related to the one you are browsing. It will show  you useful and interesting content about the web that you are visiting. The interface of the tool is easy to navigate. The good thing with Google Related is that, if the extension becomes anoying, you can hide this toolbar whenever you want (in every site). Google Related also allows you to watch videos without leaving the site that you are browsing at the moment. You will be able to see relevant videos, maps, reviews and more when you visit some of your favorite sites.

Publish Sync (Green Edition)

Publish Sync

Lately is very important to have an integrated system of your Social Profiles. That’s why some people created an extension called Publish Sync. Publish Sync is an excellent extension that allows you to publish in the same time in several social networks. I call it ALL IN ONE! This extension is very useful. You can spare a lot of time and nerves by using Publish Sync. You don’t need to open all your profiles from different social networks, because Publish Sync provide two-way syncs Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk etc. This application  helps you automatically to sync your favorite social networks. The extension support sharing function which users are able to share whatever public content in Google+ to: Linkedin, Digg, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter etc!

Yet Another Google Bookmarks Extension

Yet Another Google Bookmarks

In this information technology era we can find a lot of interesting posts. Sometimes some of them are more important that the others. That’s why we need to have “Yet Another Google Bookmarks Extension“. This extension allows you to bookmark every single site. It won’t create a mess in your browser because your bookmarked sites will be displayed in a tree. This extension include support for nested labels, add;edit;modify bookmarks and labels, searching, sorting, and emailing bookmarks.

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